colorblocked: hemlock tee

almost everyone has made a hemlock tee! for a reason. the hemlock was actually one of the first knit projects i tackled when i got my serger two years ago. the fact that there are only straight seams (except for the neckband, that is) made it the perfect project to practise sewing with an engaged knife. man, that knife can be scary at first, considering the speed! i’ve made several hemlocks within the last 2 years and except for one of them, i wear them constantly. the rejected one is a bold cherry flower print in red, which i only wore during pregnancy when i ran out of clothes that fit. otherwise, well.. it’s too bold for me, i can’t take that print on a daily basis.

solids are my jam! so, i’m afraid colorblocking is as crazy as it gets. both fabrics are lightweight (albeit not thin, see-through or tissue weight) rayon knits. they are similar in weight and feel and i had some of that grey fabric left over. i’m glad i paired them together, because the orangey red is the epitome of vivid and the gray mitigates that a bit. the red rayon has some elasthane to it so it is a bit more drapey, which makes it oh so comfy, too.


while i don’t feel the urge to share my other hemlocks on their own, this one deserves its own post. i’ve been wearing it a ton since i finished it in fall.

i’ve made some more alterations other than slashing the pattern for colorblocking. i lowered the neckline, added wide cuffs and folded out some width from the body and the sleeves. unfortunately i can’t remember how much, since i use the altered pattern since my first tee and did not trace it either since this is a one size pattern.


here’s a close-up of the color block seam lines. you’ll notice that i didn’t finish the hem, the knit fabric does’nt fray and folding it up for a hem would have added too much weight and bulk. like this, it’s nice and flowy (and an easy serger-only-sew).


i’ve been a fan of slim tops and wide leg pants once, but have been wearing wide tops and slimmer pants recently (though i don’t like too skinny or jeggings!) the hemlock might be one of the reasons i am a convert now. how many hemlocks have you made?  do you have a favorite silhouette? i still like a wide/flared leg but none of mine fit anymore :/


hemlock – a free pattern by grainline studio