kitten pants and whale dress

the birthday making is over and it’s an uncanny thing but i had thoughts about christmas presents already. i can’t help it. there’s something immensly satisfying in making things for others. although i should be honest and admit, it’s not making things for somebody else that is satisfying but it’s making things for my daughter. is it because i get to see them whenever she wears them, because it certainly feels good (especially true for occasions where she wants to wear something i made).

also, is that true for making for my man (actually, husband, but that is uncanny written out. so of course, not so uncanny written out in parentheses…HA. sorry love. we got married this summer and now, nothing has changed and also a lot)?ok, so is making for him equally satisfiying? i’m not sure. at the moment i’m not committed to make a pair of pants or a similarily involved project although he could use it and would happily wear it, i think. and there’s also me, i want to get a piece of the cake, too!

today i just wanted to share what i made for n.’s birthday a week ago. i think she wore everything already and the pants, as well as the skirt are currently waiting for a spin in the washing machine.


let me introduce the kitten pocket pants first. they’re the wiksten harem pants by jenny gordy from wiksten. they are underlined in a thin (see-trough!) white cotton voile. that see-throughness is also the reason why i decided to underline vs. to line. you would have been able to see the seam allowances and i’m sure it’s neater this way. i might line a next pair though, the idea to use flannel is great, as jenny gordy did here for her daughter. the pocket is something i made up, not included in the pattern. it’s a quilting cotton with a cat print designed by lotta jansdotter.


the outer fabric was a remnant (ca. 65x135cm) of a linen/viscose mix – don’t remember the percentage of each but it was tagged with specifications which i think is nice (bought at hüco grosshandel berlin, not only for retailers though). sometimes i go to there and find nothing and at that time i was lucky to find beautiful fabrics. i also but a tag (sort of!) in the pants altough front and back pattern piece are the same. which is great for 2 year olds that try to put on their clothes. definitely gives them a sense of achievement if they don’t have to try again to put them on “the right way”.

anyways, i did not french seam as for the first pair i’ve made (see here). coincidently, they were also made from a linen/viscose-mix, but unlined, intended for summer. now, it’s definitely too chilly outside to wear those on their own, but they totally transition into autumn with tights. the kitten pair is still warm enough to wear withouht them, though, thanks to the underlining. in general, the harem pants are great to wear for play.. they’re basically perfect for the whole day. i feel they could be a tad longer (i made the size 2 yo). they are intended to be cuffed so they withstand the growth of the child and the test of time, respectively. however, she just turned two and is of average height, about 87cm tall, and they are a bit short when cuffed twice.

here’s what they look like cuffed once (top) and cuffed twice (bottom).

wiksten-harem-pants-cuff-folded-once wiksten-harem-pants-cuff-folded-twice


onto the whale dress, which is popular with n. one, for the whales but also for the fact it’s a dress. not sure where the preference comes from (you’re not getting me convinced by saying ‘hey, it’s a little girl. girls like dresses/pink/horses..ok.) anyways, i don’t see a bad thing in dressing in fun clothes. it’s a great thing being a kid, as the thought of something being childish is an absolutely foreign thing to think/feel. that’s about the most uncomforting time of life..when you start thinking about what others might think about you (or judge you).. classmates, colleagues, strangers. shudder. but back to the dress, which is in a way out-of-this-world, but not literally so, really. (…) after all, an easy to wear dress!

i used a brindille & twig pattern, a basic raglan tee – and modified the side seams to be a-line. i used a dress she already has to determine the width and length of the skirt. really easy. i could have attached a gathered skirt at the waist of the raglan but i did not want to break up the print. it’s already seen multiple washes and the fabric and print hold up well (a cotton jersey with some lycra, bought at stoff & stil like, 2 years ago?).


let me close with a question concerning the ongoing theme here: kitten pants and whale dress. what is it that kids like animals, or; animal prints so much? certainly our culture has a focus on animal imagery from very early on. i’m thinking of, for example, first picture books for babies and toddlers. it makes me wonder. and yes, we do live in a big city where you see dogs, sometimes a cat but that’s it.

hmm, i definitly prefer animal prints to, say, disney or commerzial imagery that changes it’s face every now and then to set a new ‘trend’. animals  have been here all along and still rule, right!