a reflection on knitting and sewing

it’s slow fashion october and this post has not explicit connection to that but it seems ‘slotober’ is the month that gets me blogging. hope it stays a bit longer this time around! just babbling away today…

knitting is fun at the moment. i have a little sweater for my daughter that is about to be finished, it’s the so faded pint sized by andrea mowry of dreareneeknits. you can find my project here ony ravelry. it’s been a really lovely knit so far, after some months of a knitting break i enjoy being able to just do plain rows of stockinette and this pattern is mostly stockinette in the round. it’s top down and has you pick up stitches for the collar. on my first ever sweater (also mini size) i did a collar from the top down and it won’t lay nicely, i’m never going back to that way of doing it. but i guess i was a bit intimidated by picking up stitches when i first set out to make a little sweater (it was the free flax pattern by tin can knits). this time i actually did a folded neck band ’cause i’ve seen it and liked it on other sweaters, for example here on karen’s fishermen sweater. it’s a better quality finish and you dont have that cast-off edge showing so close to the face.

with knitting i like to learn small things like that on the way, but mostly i do it for pleasure and enjoyment and i’m not overly ambitious with it. i’m not rushing to learn how to do cables or such things, you know. i’m not ‘ripping for joy‘ (yet). i do it only when technically necessary, rather not for aesthetics. but there might be change creeping up in me with time, not gonna rule out the possibility. however, the point i wanted to make is, i’m a lot more patient and content with knitting, whereas with sewing it really bugs me if i can’t do something or if i think i can’t and it keeps me from doing it. because somehow with sewing, i want it to be close to perfect and i dont want to mess it up. i don’t care so much about bubbly stitches in a knit, but wrong tension or weird folds in a garment: that’s a nightmare. and it remains one, mostly, because it never actually happens when it’s avoided! i actually don’t feel bad avoiding stuff with knitting, which is kind of freedom in my book. just do what i feel like. sewing is different.

i know i can do it all (slight hybris here for the sake of illustration)  if i either 1) take time and go slow 2) study and practice or 3) just do it, maybe fail, but then also, succeed the next time. that is how i learnt in the first place, trial and error.

we all could do it all if we were crazy patient and had no other thing to do in life. which is, both sadly and luckily, not the case. do you agree? what are your ambitions about, do they stress you out or keep you interested? it’s a fine line, isn’t it. ok, really, i’m done with my daily (not) reflection on knitting and sewing practice. but i do think a lot about stuff like that, call me crazy.

my daughters 2nd birthday is in about 10 days and i have some clothes i want to finish for her, except for the sweater mentioned above the most involved project is a corduroy pinafore skirt. it needs buttonholes and buttons sewn on so it’s the standard “i’m waiting for the right (or last!) moment to tackle it” situation. the pattern #129 10/2017 is from the latest burda issue, which is crazy thinking i made something so close to it being published. that’s never happened! i’m in love with the girls’ patterns in this issue, there’s a coat and a blouse which are adorable, but i probably won’t make them, my daugther already needs the biggest size drafted for (size 92). she is developing an interest now in what she wants to wear (skirts!), and has an opinion now about what she doesn’t want to wear. i mean, she has already had an opinion a year ago when i knit her a vest from alpaca wool. it was soft to me, but must have been somewhat scratchy for her, she always started pulling on it once it was on and subsequently only wore it two or three times over turtlenecks or other layers so it wouldn’t touch her skin. after that happened – and i was mourning a bit – i decided that if i want her to wear what i knit i should take no risks and go with superwash merino. and the next sweater, a lila sweater (bottom up, pattern by carrie bostick hoge ) was worn without hesitation. so my theory was validated and i can happily knit superwash merino for my daughter without being in fear that my knit will be rejected.  i always would prefer a non-treated wool, but those i can still knit for myself. anyways, about her style – it’s not solely about comfort anymore but about what she thinks looks nice. and black corduroy pants are not among her favorites right now! it’s flowers and bold patterns, strawberrys and dots. stripes are fine, too – phew.

other things i have lined up as presents are a pair of leggings and raglan tee (already done) in a thin red/white stripe jersey – intended for but not limited to sleep wear. i also made two little dishtowels for her kitchen. and if i have the time there will be another pair of harem pants (pattern by jenny gordy from wiksten patterns). over the summer i made a lot of iterations of the wiksten bloomers in short and long length, for friends’ kids and newborn babies alike. i guess there will be more of the harem pants, too. but for winter they need to be lined and that takes a bit more fabric to work with… and i really try to avoid buying more fabric because i’ve got no dinero for that at the moment. i’ll do fine using what i already have. and it makes for some creative solutions.todays the first day after a very long weekend (read: no day care) so i’ll be sewing for sanity now…

thanks so much for staying with me!

hope to be back soon