so faded candy sweater and burda pinafore skirt

hi everyone!

i took photos of things i’ve finished after getting up in the morning, feeling a cold creeping up in me. hi headaches! other than that i’m feeling pretty fly because i finished all the birthday gifts for n. – her birthday is on the weekend. i dont have to tell you that the last year went quick! whereas the first year did seem endless. but that is another story!

it is a privilege that i had the time to make her stuff for her birthday: the first two weeks of october are the time of holidays for me because deadlines for papers are usually 30th of september and there is this lovely gap until the new semester starts next monday. i did not buy many things as gifts, some wooden stuff like a tea-pot, cups and yeah, this and that for her kitchen. that’s where she loves to play (pretend). but i sewed quite a bit. from my stash, i should add, because my bank account [.] and because really, i had everything i needed on hand for the skirt. wait, i bought overlock thread at 1000stoff last week for the other projects though. can’t sew without thread, can you.


today i’m sharing the most intricate (i.e. time-consuming) stuff i made for her.. it was actually smooth sailing and there where no hurdles. there are always mental hurdles, like buttonholes, but they turned out fine. my 2nd hand bernina actually does a fine job with it’s six step buttonholes. that is, once i realized the machine does not adjust the needle position for the righthand row of the buttonhole by itself! it seems to be an error and means that something is actually broken. however, i can adjust it manually and i took a note which i’m always refering to whenever i lost memory about this quirk. i have a pretty good relationship to my machine, i got to know her well in the past and love her dearly (bernina 1020). so i don’t mind quirks when i know how to deal with them. i digress. for the buttonholes i used fray check and it has made a big difference – especially for the corduroy. the buttons where actually really cheap and i bought them at a discounter, probably over 4 years ago.


the sweater is the already mentioned so faded pint sized by andrea mowry of @dreareneeknits.* i named it ‘candy’ because the main yarn color (popoki, madelinetosh fingering weight) reminded me of candy, obviously. such a pleasure to knit with. the second color is called vintage sari, also mad tosh. i used the recommended 3,25 and 3,75 needles. i used addi lace needles and they are great. the basic addi needles have a very round tip and are fine, but these are a bit more precise. i blocked the sweater yesterday and it is already dry. it’s quite lightweight but i think it’ll keep warm without heating her up.

the pattern of the skirt is burda #129 10/2017 and is from the current issue. which is crazy for me. but i guess with kids’ clothes you cannot let time pass like that. they grow out of stuff so fast. however, this skirt is a size 92, and my daughter being about 86cm tall this will hopefully last for some time. at some point, i could remove the pinafore detail (straps and the yoke in the back, see below) so it can last much longer than a size 92. in fact, the pattern piece for the skirt is already quite big (it’s just gathered because of elastic in the waistband). lots of slow fashion potential here! admittedly, i was waiting for that age. i barely sewed any clothes for her before,  just started this summer, really. i made a sun hat last year that still fit this spring/summer but that’s about it. the rest of her clothes is from second hand sales at daycares in the neighbourhood. we’ll see how it goes now that she’s really picking out what she wants to wear. skirts or dresses are favourites.


so chances are good that she will like it. i mean, isn’t it adorable. and it has pockets!


the insides are pretty pretty, too. take my word for it. we had enough photos for today.

on a (not so) different note: as you migh know it’s slowfashionoctober this time of the year (how great this has become an annual thing) and i haven’t had the mind to post ‘just’ about that. i’m heavily inspired by it, and an advocate of it and everything and more – but right now is not the time for me to write a post on my journey or thoughts. if i’m feeling like it, i will let it flow. i simply haven’t been feeling it, yet. last week i followed a discussion about thrifting clothes and if it’s morally ok to keep thrifting if you would have the means to pay for other kinds of ethically and environmentally fair clothes (local, small women-owned businesses and similar) – i really liked the different perspectives. i agree that this question is  an example of overthinking things a bit but has obviously been productive! i haven’t read all the comments yet but will do my homework ;) do you prefer thrifting/buying second hand for you or your kids like i do? are there exceptions to the rule? like, i buy new shoes for her because every day shoes are worth that for me. not every pair, but the most-used ones. same is true for me.


*There’s a recent article with andrea mowry of what i think is my favorite blog series over on fringe association: our tools, ourselves. i’m very much fascinated by the material culture of craft, i.e. the tools of the trade.