green drawstring backpack in toddler size

and, last but not least in the birthday making series: something essential that she was missing: a backpack. it’s only a drawstring bag but it does it’s job*, is easy to use and does’nt go out of fashion soon, i.e. it still has a use value whenever she is older. even if it’s just for dirty underwear.drawstring-bag-peek eyelet-detail-drawstring-bag

there is lining in two different fabrics (damast bedding and fleamarket bargain). and a peek at a size 94 pyjama i made in red/white striped jersey ;)

i found these eyelets in my stash. just another example of the odds and ends that can be found there! they’re actually from a household clearance. despite my first impression, they’re easy to use. first you cut a hole – the stencil was included in the still sealed package – and then you use pliers to get the eyelet in. i had the pliers but i think i wouldn’t have bothered to buy eyelets for this simple project, you can either sew a loop in the side seam and thread the cord through that or a buttonhole. and some fancy machines have an eyelet stitch.

always many ways to do something!

thanks for reading and take care!

*now, since this post has been a draft for some weeks, i can conclude that this bag is not the most practical to carry, because it always (and i mean always) comes off her shoulders. it’s a common issue that bag straps are always likely to slip off the shoulders of small people. that was confirmed when i bought a toddler backpack some days ago. the sliding off can be salvaged by having something that fastens the straps over the bust, like a small buckle or clasp. the sales woman even had a small speech about how daycare tells parents backpacks must. have. this detail. i didn’t need convincing though!

here, it would be easy to add in still, but i’m lazy you know.