hi, i’m chrismirror_sw_farbetiane! i live in berlin/germany and offline i like to work with my hands and head. i enjoy sewing my own garments, knit to relax and dabble in other crafts (like pottery or embroidery) every now and then. besides, i’m doing my masters in kulturwissenschaft (kind of cultural studies), which pushes me to think about our world constantly.

at the moment i am very intrigued by everything about fast and slow fashion, sustainability as a (green washing) concept, sewing in the home (cultural history) and the objects that accompany this craft (tools abound)..the political dimension of craft is fascinating, too. feminism has never been so close to life for me as it is now.

sewing has taught me to slow down and take as much time as is needed to achieve a result i love looking at and want to wear. it also made me reconsider (my) consumption habits and almost made me stop buying clothes. i say almost because a day got only 24 hours, i have a kid and life.

this blog is in english, whereas i am not a native speaker. most blogs/texts i read are in english, too, and my sewing is constantly inspired by the international sewing community. it seems only natural for me to post in english, though it might sound weird at times when american and british english collide! always learning, right?

thanks so much for visiting.