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why mending (and announcing workshops!)

it’s a puzzle. why spent hours darning a pair of socks if you can easily get a (cheap) replacement in a store or online? this might have never been more true for clothes these days as they are so cheaply available. with a mind attuned to rational capitalist logic (think time equals money), one might


kitten pants and whale dress

the birthday making is over and it’s an uncanny thing but i had thoughts about christmas presents already. i can’t help it. there’s something immensly satisfying in making things for others. although i should be honest and admit, it’s not making things for somebody else that is satisfying but it’s making things for my daughter.


a reflection on knitting and sewing

it’s slow fashion october and this post has not explicit connection to that but it seems ‘slotober’ is the month that gets me blogging. hope it stays a bit longer this time around! just babbling away today…

knitting is fun at the moment. i have a little sweater for my daughter that is about